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Beta radiation

beta radiation
beta radiation [(bay-tuh)]

Note: Beta radiation, unlike alpha radiation, has some penetrating power and can pass through clothing and wooden walls.


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  • Beta ray

    a stream of beta particles. Historical Examples The Breath of Life John Burroughs noun a stream of beta particles beta ray A stream of beta particles.

  • Bettong

    any of several marsupials of the genus Bettongia, of Australia and nearby regions, comprising the short-nosed rat-kangaroos, characterized by short, rounded ears, long hind feet, and a naked muzzle tip: all four species are endangered. noun a species of rat kangaroo of Australia having a short nose

  • Beta rhythm

    a pattern of high-frequency brain waves (beta waves) observed in normal persons upon sensory stimulation, especially with light, or when they are engaging in purposeful mental activity. noun (physiol) the normal electrical activity of the cerebral cortex, occurring at a frequency of 13 to 30 hertz and detectable with an electroencephalograph See also brain wave

  • Beta sheet

    a secondary structure occurring in many proteins, consisting of several polypeptide chains running in parallel or alternating directions and joined by intermolecular hydrogen bonds, creating a flexible, strong arrangement. beta sheet A structure that occurs in many proteins and consists of two or more parallel adjacent polypeptide chains arranged in such a way that hydrogen […]

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