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simple past tense and past participle of bethink.
to think; consider (used reflexively):
He bethought himself a moment.
to remind (oneself):
to bethink oneself of family obligations.
to remember; recall (used reflexively):
She lives in the past now, bethinking herself of happier days.
to determine; resolve:
Under the circumstances I could not otherwise bethink me.
Archaic. to bear in mind; remember.
Archaic. to consider; meditate.
Historical Examples

I thirsted, and I bethought me of this buffet where you keep your wine.
The Shame of Motley Raphael Sabatini

So then he bethought him of the little ass that was outside under the dray yet.
Candle and Crib K. F. Purdon

It was after the dishes of the midday meal were washed that she bethought her of the old shrine back near the woods.
The Place Beyond the Winds Harriet T. Comstock

I now bethought me for what purpose I was driving after him.
The Quadroon Mayne Reid

Xenophon then bethought him of the two prisoners whom he had just captured, and proposed that these two should be questioned also.
The Two Great Retreats of History George Grote

I bethought me of the flowery glade—the scene of my adventure with the crotalus.
The Quadroon Mayne Reid

Rosas comprehended this movement, and bethought himself of the means of stifling it in the bud.
Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Vol. II, No. X., March 1851 Various

To do this with more effect, he bethought himself of a new stratagem.
The Surprising Adventures of Bampfylde Moore Carew Unknown

“I must get away while John Miles is still asleep,” he bethought himself.
The Young Miner Horatio Alger, Jr.

When they had gone halfway, Moodie halted, and bethought him of Nicholas Wood.
Lives of the Engineers Samuel Smiles

the past tense and past participle of bethink
verb (archaic or dialect) -thinks, -thinking, -thought
to cause (oneself) to consider or meditate
(transitive) often foll by of. to remind (oneself)

reflexive verb, Old English beþencan “to consider,” from be- + þencan “to think” (see think). Related: Bethought.


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