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to arrange for the marriage of; affiance (usually used in passive constructions):
The couple was betrothed with the approval of both families.
Archaic. to promise to marry.
Historical Examples

I will betroth her to your nephew, my beloved Montagu’s son.
The Last Of The Barons, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

I betroth thee unto me according to the Law of Moses and Israel.
Dreamers of the Ghetto I. Zangwill

It was the custom to betroth before marriage, as it is at this day.
Finger-Ring Lore William Jones

I only say, For six months to come, betroth yourself to no other man.
The Talk of the Town, Volume 1 (of 2) James Payn

They wished to betroth me to another; thou art the one to whom my soul is betrothed.
French Classics William Cleaver Wilkinson

Has Nina your leave to betroth herself to the Jew, Trendellsohn?
Nina Balatka Anthony Trollope

I went there not to meet death, but to betroth myself to it.
Mauprat George Sand

My father did not betroth me to Mr. Mao, answered she, but if he had I should not require you to persuade me to accept him.
Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio (Volumes I and II) Songling Pu

This will anger him greatly, for he wishes to betroth me to the son of the king of the Green City, whom I like not at all.’
The Lilac Fairy Book Andrew Lang

In some countries it has even been customary to betroth girls conditionally before they were born.
Plain Facts for Old and Young John Harvey Kellogg

(transitive) (archaic) to promise to marry or to give in marriage

c.1300, betrouthen, from bi-, here probably with a sense of “thoroughly,” + Middle English treowðe “truth,” from Old English treowðe “truth, a pledge” (see troth). Related: Betrothed; betrothing.

to promise “by one’s truth.” Men and women were betrothed when they were engaged to be married. This usually took place a year or more before marriage. From the time of betrothal the woman was regarded as the lawful wife of the man to whom she was betrothed (Deut. 28:30; Judg. 14:2, 8; Matt. 1:18-21). The term is figuratively employed of the spiritual connection between God and his people (Hos. 2:19, 20).


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