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Betsy griscom ross

Betsy Griscom
[gris-kuh m] /ˈgrɪs kəm/ (Show IPA), 1752–1836, maker of the first U.S. flag.
Harold Wallace, 1892–1951, U.S. publisher and editor.
Sir James Clark, 1800–62, English navigator: explorer of the Arctic and the Antarctic.
his uncle, Sir John, 1777–1856, Scottish naval officer and arctic explorer.
John (CoowescooweorKooweskoowe) 1790–1866, Cherokee leader.
Nellie Tayloe [tey-loh] /ˈteɪ loʊ/ (Show IPA), 1876–1977, U.S. politician and governor of Wyoming: first woman U.S. governor 1925–27.
Sir Ronald, 1857–1932, English physician: Nobel prize 1902.
a male given name.
Diana. born 1944, US singer: lead vocalist (1961–69) with Motown group the Supremes, whose hits include “Baby Love” (1964). Her subsequent recordings include Lady Sings the Blues (film soundtrack, 1972), and Chain Reaction (1986)
Sir James Clark. 1800–62, British naval officer; explorer of the Arctic and Antarctic. He located the north magnetic pole (1831) and discovered the Ross Sea during an Antarctic voyage (1839–43)
his uncle, Sir John. 1777–1856, Scottish naval officer and Arctic explorer
Sir Ronald. 1857–1932, English bacteriologist, who discovered the transmission of malaria by mosquitoes: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1902

Ross (rôs), Sir Ronald. 1857-1932.

British physician. He won a 1902 Nobel Prize for proving that malaria is transmitted to humans by the bite of the mosquito.


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