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Chiefly South Midland and Southern U.S. between.
betwixt and between, neither the one nor the other; in a middle or unresolved position:
Not wanting to side with either her father or her mother, she was betwixt and between.
Historical Examples

If it’s betwixt and between—well, I’m honest, and I can’t say more.
The Phoenix and the Carpet E. Nesbit

It’s ‘you tickle me an’ I tickle you’ betwixt him an’ de ol’ Scratch.
Burl Morrison Heady

Finally it was betwixt chance and choice that the place and hour of concussion were determined.
Abraham Lincoln, Vol. II John T. Morse

I disremember just how fur that last stop is from the Crick, but I think it’s betwixt 25 and 30 mile.
Si Klegg, Book 5 (of 6) John McElroy

Friends or foes, French or Spaniards, succor or death: betwixt these were their hopes and fears divided.
Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 12, August, 1863, No. 70 Various

Why should a couetous man be called poore, what affinitie is betwixt them twoo?
Shakespeare Jest-Books; Unknown

Hit was betwixt you an’ him, an’ ‘twant none o’ my business long as you an’ him air goin’ to marry.
The Trail of the Lonesome Pine John Fox, Jr.

“There is all the difference that is betwixt Heaven and earth,” answered Mr Tremayne.
Clare Avery Emily Sarah Holt

Nay, come at once, I implore thee; for until I am justified to my mistress, I stand like one betwixt life and death.
A Set of Rogues Frank Barrett

“There is no manner of likeness, Blanche, betwixt this creature and Don John,” she urged.
Clare Avery Emily Sarah Holt

preposition, adverb
(archaic) another word for between
betwixt and between, in an intermediate, indecisive, or middle position
prep., adv.

Old English betweox “between, among, amidst, meanwhile,” from bi- “by” (see be-) + tweox “for two,” from Proto-Germanic *twa “two” + *-isk “-ish.” With parasitic -t that first appeared in Old English and became general after c.1500.


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