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the inclination that one line or surface makes with another when not at right angles.
a surface that does not form a right angle with adjacent surfaces.
Compare chamfer.
(of a lock bolt) the oblique end that hits the strike plate.
(of a lock with a beveled bolt) the side facing in the same direction as the bevel at the end of the bolt.
Compare regular bevel, reverse bevel.
bevel square.
an adjustable instrument for drawing angles or adjusting the surface of work to a particular inclination.
Printing. beard (def 5).
to cut or slant at a bevel:
to bevel an edge to prevent splintering.
Also, beveled; especially British, bevelled. oblique; sloping; slanted.
Historical Examples

Farm Engines and How to Run Them James H. Stephenson
Mission Furniture H. H. Windsor
Handbook of Alabama Archaeology: Part I Point Types James W. Cambron
Mission Furniture H. H. Windsor
Woodwork Joints William Fairham
Mission Furniture H. H. Windsor
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Toy Craft Leon H. Baxter
The Boy Craftsman A. Neely Hall


Also called cant. a surface that meets another at an angle other than a right angle Compare chamfer (sense 1)
(as modifier): a bevel edge, bevel square

verb -els, -elling, -elled (US) -els, -eling, -eled
(intransitive) to be inclined; slope
(transitive) to cut a bevel on (a piece of timber, etc)


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