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Beverly hills

a city in SW California, near Los Angeles.
a town in SE Michigan.
Contemporary Examples

The Nice Thing About Larry Hagman Megan McArdle November 26, 2012
How Oscars Ruin a Marriage Nicole LaPorte March 17, 2010
Confessions of Charlie Sheen’s Bartender Robert Schwartz February 5, 2011
Life After ‘Entourage’ Marlow Stern August 17, 2011
Hollywood Says Goodbye to Murdered Publicist Christine Pelisek, Jacob Bernstein November 21, 2010

Historical Examples

Greener Than You Think Ward Moore
Futuria Fantasia, Fall 1939 Ray Bradbury
Linda Lee, Incorporated Louis Joseph Vance
Astounding Stories of Super-Science September 1930 Various
Linda Lee, Incorporated Louis Joseph Vance

a town in SW California, near Los Angeles: famous as the home of film stars. Pop: 34 941 (2003 est)

Note: Home of many Hollywood actors and actresses.


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