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wearing a wig.
Contemporary Examples

Someone like Alexander Nemorov might say that they are really portraits of bewigged heads about to roll.
Let Them Eat Peanuts Blake Gopnik October 20, 2013

Eighteen bewigged barristers—some of the finest criminal lawyers in the country—were also in attendance.
Did David Cameron Snub Obama for Tennis? Peter Jukes September 27, 2012

On Hannah, Miley Cyrus played Miley Stewart, typical student by day, bewigged pop sensation Hannah Montana by night.
How to Curate Your Tween’s TV Time, From ‘Big Time Rush’ to ‘Dog with a Blog’ Barbara Spindel March 25, 2013

Well, nothing except hard feelings from impertinent comments made by bewigged egocentrics with fiery tempers.
James Madison’s Lesson in Delayed Great-ification Kevin Bleyer July 3, 2014

Historical Examples

The barristers’ benches, however, were so full that there was an unusual array of bewigged heads on that side of the court.
A Philadelphia Lawyer in the London Courts Thomas Leaming

It was, in fact, a manifesto against a bewigged and bepowdered civilization.
The Story of Switzerland Lina Hug

Puck ‘biens ride’ and bewigged might perhaps—except that at the critical moment he would be sure to plead allegiance to Oberon.
Diana of the Crossways, Complete George Meredith

Most of the Foreign Ambassadors use state carriages for great occasions, with bewigged coachmen and standing footmen.
Face to Face with Kaiserism James W. Gerard

At a later day, though it was “gravaminous,” Sewall would not go to hear the bewigged Joshua preach, but attended another meeting.
Customs and Fashions in Old New England Alice Morse Earle

The judge’s bewigged head, as he sits behind his desk, is about twelve feet above the floor.
A Philadelphia Lawyer in the London Courts Thomas Leaming


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