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on, at, or to the farther side of:
Beyond those trees you’ll find his house.
farther on than; more distant than:
beyond the horizon; beyond the sea.
outside the understanding, limits, or reach of; past:
beyond comprehension; beyond endurance; beyond help.
superior to; surpassing; above:
wise beyond all others.
more than; in excess of; over and above:
to stay beyond one’s welcome.
farther on or away:
as far as the house and beyond.
the beyond,

that which is at a great distance.
Also, the great beyond. the afterlife; life after death.

Contemporary Examples

If you want to see policy movement in 2016 or beyond, you should for one party or the other to win full control of government.
Bipartisanship is Ruining America Jamelle Bouie February 4, 2014

beyond that, a woman is a woman is a woman, he says, (and a man a man).
Michael Kors’ Big Night Rebecca Dana June 5, 2010

A number of possibilities (beyond the obvious, which is that they actually happened that way).
The Truth About Genesis Bruce Feiler September 17, 2009

It is beyond dispute that Cianci bent the city to his will when he was mayor.
Can America’s Favorite Ex-Con Mayor Win Again? David Freedlander June 21, 2014

beyond that, it was, for David, more than a game: He took the proper functioning of democracy very seriously.
David Broder: An Appreciation Lloyd Grove March 8, 2011

Historical Examples

Now she felt so sure of it that it was beyond contempt of question.
Capt’n Davy’s Honeymoon Hall Caine

The physical facts couldn’t be denied, and beyond the physical facts I could discern nothing.
The Conquest of Fear Basil King

He had ascertained, beyond all question, that it emptied its flood into the Gulf of Mexico.
The Adventures of the Chevalier De La Salle and His Companions, in Their Explorations of the Prairies, Forests, Lakes, and Rivers, of the New World, and Their Interviews with the Savage Tribes, Two Hundred Years Ago John S. C. Abbott

beyond the controlling power of money we have no vision, and we see no laws.
The Conquest of Fear Basil King

He was now beyond their reach, and, in all likelihood, had been rejoined by his son.
The Boy Slaves Mayne Reid

at or to a point on the other side of; at or to the further side of: beyond those hills there is a river
outside the limits or scope of: beyond this country’s jurisdiction
at or to the other or far side of something
outside the limits of something
the beyond, the unknown; the world outside the range of human perception, esp life after death in certain religious beliefs

Old English begeondan “beyond, from the farther side,” from be- “by,” here probably indicating position, + geond “yonder” (prep.); see yond. A compound not found elsewhere in Germanic.

when used with reference to Jordan, signifies in the writings of Moses the west side of the river, as he wrote on the east bank (Gen. 50:10, 11; Deut. 1:1, 5; 3:8, 20; 4:46); but in the writings of Joshua, after he had crossed the river, it means the east side (Josh. 5:1; 12:7; 22:7).

beyond a doubt
beyond comparison
beyond measure
beyond one’s depth
beyond one’s means
beyond question
beyond reach
beyond recall
beyond reproach
beyond the call of duty
beyond the pale
beyond the shadow of a doubt


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