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Slang. bisexual.
plural BI’s. built-in.
business intelligence.
a combining form meaning “twice,” “two,” used in the formation of compound words:
bifacial; bifarious.
variant of bio-, especially before a vowel:
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Historical Examples

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adjective, noun
(slang) short for bisexual (sense 1), bisexual (sense 6)
Chemical symbol
combining form
two; having two: bifocal
occurring every two; lasting for two: biennial
on both sides, surfaces, directions, etc: bilateral
occurring twice during: biweekly

denoting an organic compound containing two identical cyclic hydrocarbon systems: biphenyl
(rare in technical usage) indicating an acid salt of a dibasic acid: sodium bicarbonate
(not in technical usage) equivalent of di-1 (sense 2a)

combining form
a variant of bio-

The symbol for bismuth.
Symbol Bi
A brittle, pinkish-white, crystalline metallic element that occurs in nature as a free metal and in various ores. Bismuth is the most strongly diamagnetic element and has the highest atomic number of all stable elements. It is used to make low-melting alloys for fire-safety devices. Atomic number 83; atomic weight 208.98; melting point 271.3°C; boiling point 1,560°C; specific gravity 9.747; valence 3, 5. See Periodic Table.
background information
bodily injury


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