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Historical Examples

Unexplored Spain Abel Chapman
Diary of Richard Cocks, Volume II Richard Cocks


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  • Bicipital

    having two heads; two-headed. Anatomy. pertaining to the biceps. Historical Examples Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities–Head–Neck. Sixth Edition. Alexander Miles The Vertebrate Skeleton Sidney H. Reynolds Artistic Anatomy of Animals douard Cuyer The Vertebrate Skeleton Sidney H. Reynolds Lameness of the Horse John Victor Lacroix A Manual of the Operations of Surgery Joseph Bell […]

  • Bicipital rib

    bicipital rib

  • Bick-iron

    the tapered end of an anvil.

  • Bicker

    to engage in petulant or peevish argument; wrangle: The two were always bickering. to run rapidly; move quickly; rush; hurry: a stream bickering down the valley. to flicker; glitter: The sun bickered through the trees. an angry, petty dispute or quarrel; contention. any wooden dish or bowl, especially a wooden porridge bowl. Obsolete. a wooden […]

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