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Big brother

an elder brother.
(sometimes initial capital letters) a man who individually or as a member of an organized group undertakes to sponsor or assist a boy in need of help or guidance.
(usually initial capital letters) the head of a totalitarian regime that keeps its citizens under close surveillance.
(usually initial capital letters) the aggregate of officials and policy makers of a powerful and pervasive state.
Citizens Band Radio Slang. a police officer or police car.
Contemporary Examples

Elephant Calf Lily Rescued by Oregon Zoo Winston Ross February 11, 2013
Our Favorite Books of 2012: Tina Brown, Andrew Sullivan, and Others’ Picks The Daily Beast December 10, 2012
First Day Out of Prison John Forté January 25, 2009
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My Friend, Roger Ebert: Pulitzer Prize Winner Tom Shales on the Moving Documentary ‘Life Itself’ Tom Shales July 5, 2014

Historical Examples

The Story of Patsy Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin
A Son Of The Sun Jack London
The Rover Boys on Treasure Isle Edward Stratemeyer (AKA Arthur M. Winfield)
David Elginbrod George MacDonald
New York Times Current History: The European War, Vol. 8, Pt. 2, No. 1, July 1918 Various

a person, organization, etc, that exercises total dictatorial control
a television gameshow format in which a small number of people living in accommodation sealed off from the outside world are constantly monitored by TV cameras. Viewers vote each week to expel a person from the group until there is only one person left, who wins a cash prize

The faceless and ruthless power of the totalitarian or ureaucrati state personified (1949+)
The tracking radar used by ground controllers (1970s+ Airline)


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