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Big business

large business, commercial, and financial firms taken collectively, especially when considered as a group having shared attitudes and goals and exercising control over economic policy, politics, etc.
any large organization of a noncommercial nature resembling this.
any large business enterprise.
Contemporary Examples

Risky Business or None of Your Business? Gay XXX Films and the Condom Question Aurora Snow October 31, 2014
Assad Supplier Finmeccanica Did Business With the Pentagon Aram Roston July 8, 2012
‘Guest of Honor’ Author on Teddy Roosevelt’s Lessons for Obama Deborah Davis May 11, 2012
Was Firing Rick Wagoner Just for Show? Paul A. Eisenstein April 3, 2009
Where Modern Slavery Thrives: State Department Unveils Trafficking Report Ilan Greenberg June 18, 2012

Historical Examples

The Girl in the Golden Atom Raymond King Cummings
The New Nation Frederic L. Paxson
Martin Hyde, The Duke’s Messenger John Masefield
Marjorie Justin Huntly McCarthy
Mount Everest the Reconnaissance, 1921 Charles Kenneth Howard-Bury

large commercial organizations collectively, esp when considered as exploitative or socially harmful


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