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Big dog

big dog
Contemporary Examples

Why ‘Bridgegate’ Will Make or Break Chris Christie John Avlon January 18, 2014
Big Dog and the Whippet Tina Brown November 2, 2008
The Strange and Mysterious Death of Mrs. Jerry Lee Lewis Richard Ben Cramer January 10, 2014
16 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Will Win 2016 Myra Adams August 2, 2013
Clinton to the Rescue Bryan Curtis, Benjamin Sarlin January 13, 2010

Historical Examples

Punchinello, Vol. 1, No. 19, August 6, 1870 Various
Jack and Jill Louisa May Alcott
Dusty Star Olaf Baker
Antony Gray,–Gardener Leslie Moore
The Corner House Girls in a Play Grace Brooks Hill


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