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Big easy, the

big easy, the


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  • Big enchilada

    enchilada (def 2). Contemporary Examples The Five Biggest Lies About Obamacare Michael Tomasky August 16, 2014 see under big cheese

  • Big end

    the end of a connecting rod or piston rod that is attached to a crankpin. Historical Examples Susan Clegg and Her Neighbors’ Affairs Anne Warner The Works of Rudyard Kipling: One Volume Edition Rudyard Kipling The American Joe Miller Various Kennedy Square F. Hopkinson Smith Keziah Coffin Joseph C. Lincoln The Eddy Clarence L. Cullen […]

  • Bigeye

    any of several silver and red fishes of the family Priacanthidae, found in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and in the West Indies, having a short, flattened body and large eyes. Historical Examples Fishes of Chautauqua, Cowley and Elk Counties, Kansas Artie L. Metcalf Fishes of Chautauqua, Cowley and Elk Counties, Kansas Artie […]

  • Bigeye scad

    a carangid fish, Selar crumenophthalmus, of tropical seas and Atlantic coastal waters of the U.S., having prominent eyes and commonly used as bait.

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