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Big hat, no cattle

big hat, no cattle


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  • Big head, a

    big head, a Conceit: The promotion gave him a big head (1850s+) he discomfort consequent upon drinking too much liquor; hangover: The rum gave me a big head next morning (1890+)

  • Bighead

    Informal. an excessive estimate of one’s importance; conceit. Veterinary Pathology. an inflammatory swelling of the tissues of the head of sheep, caused by the anaerobic bacillus Clostridium novyi. enlargement of the head and jawbones of horses resulting from nutritional hyperthyroidism. Historical Examples Then and Now Robert Vaughn Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist Alexander Berkman noun […]

  • Big head, have a

    Be conceited; have an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or ability. For example, The constant flattery of his subordinates is bound to give Thomas a big head. [ c. 1800 ] Also see: swelled head

  • Big-hearted

    generous; kind. Contemporary Examples Rep. David Price Remembers When a Less Partisan Congress Actually Worked Eleanor Clift January 25, 2014 Great Weekend Reads The Daily Beast February 11, 2011 Literary Fiction for Tough Guys Taylor Antrim March 17, 2009 ‘Arthur Christmas’: The Making of the New Aardman Film Lorenza Muñoz November 22, 2011 Pet Lovers: […]

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