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a building, especially one’s home.
to build.
big2 .
Historical Examples

Master Skylark John Bennett
The Norsemen in the West R.M. Ballantyne
The Antiquary, Complete Sir Walter Scott
The Crown of Wild Olive John Ruskin
On the Old Road, Vol. 2 (of 2) John Ruskin
The Antiquary, Complete Sir Walter Scott

adjective bigger, biggest
of great or considerable size, height, weight, number, power, or capacity
having great significance; important: a big decision
important through having power, influence, wealth, authority, etc: the big four banks
(intensifier usually qualifying something undesirable): a big dope
(informal) considerable in extent or intensity (esp in the phrase in a big way)

elder: my big brother
grown-up: when you’re big, you can stay up later

generous; magnanimous: that’s very big of you
(in combination): big-hearted

(often foll by with) brimming; full: my heart is big with sadness
extravagant; boastful: he’s full of big talk
(of wine) full-bodied, with a strong aroma and flavour
too big for one’s boots, too big for one’s breeches, conceited; unduly self-confident
in an advanced stage of pregnancy (esp in the phrase big with child)
(informal) big on, enthusiastic about: that company is big on research
adverb (informal)
boastfully; pretentiously (esp in the phrase talk big)
in an exceptional way; well: his talk went over big with the audience
on a grand scale (esp in the phrase think big)
verb (Scot) bigs, bigging, bigged, bug (bʌɡ)
to build
to excavate (earth) into a pile

Important; powerful: the big names in this business/ the big guy (late 1500s+)
Popular; successful: If I do say so, we were very big/ The book’s big in Chicago (1910+)

big and bold
big as life
big bucks
big cheese
big daddy
big deal
big enchilada
big fish in a small pond
big head, have a
big league
big mouth, have a
big of one
big on
big shot
big stink
big time
big top
big wheel


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