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the middle part of a rope, as distinguished from the ends.
the loop or bent part of a rope, as distinguished from the ends.
a bend or curve in the shore of a sea or river.
a body of water bounded by such a bend.
a bay or gulf.
to fasten with a bight of rope.
a wide indentation of a shoreline, or the body of water bounded by such a curve
the slack middle part of an extended rope
a curve or loop in a rope
(transitive) to fasten or bind with a bight
(Austral, informal) the Bight, the major indentation of the S coast of Australia, from Cape Pasley in W Australia to the Eyre Peninsula in S Australia In full the Great Australian Bight
A long, gradual bend or curve in a shoreline. A bight can be larger than a bay, or it can be a segment of a bay.


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