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a loud, talkative person, especially one who lacks discretion.
any of several fishes having an unusually large mouth.
Historical Examples

Fishes of the Big Blue River Basin, Kansas W. L. Minckley

(slang) a noisy, indiscreet, or boastful person

A person who talks constantly and loudly
A person who freely announces personal opinions and judgments; know-it-all, smart-ass
A person who can’t keep a secret (1880s+)


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  • Big mouth, have a

    Also, have or be a loud mouth. Be loquacious, often noisily or boastfully; be tactless or reveal secrets. For example, After a few drinks, Dick turns into a loud mouth about his accomplishments, or Don’t tell Peggy anything confidential; she’s known for having a big mouth. [ ; late 1800s ]

  • Bigmouthed

    having a very large mouth. very talkative; loud-mouthed.

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