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a very brief, close-fitting, two-piece bathing suit for women or girls.
a very brief, close-fitting pair of bathing trunks for men or boys.
Often, bikinis. underwear briefs that are fitted low on the hip or below it.
an atoll in the N Pacific, in the Marshall Islands: atomic bomb tests 1946. 3 sq. mi. (8 sq. km).
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Historical Examples

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Atoms, Nature, and Man Neal O. Hines
The Avifauna of Micronesia, Volume 3 Rollin H. Baker

noun (pl) -nis
a woman’s very brief two-piece swimming costume
an atoll in the N Pacific; one of the Marshall Islands: site of a US atomic-bomb test in 1946

Bikini, ce mot cinglant comme l’explosion même … correspondant au niveau du vêtement de plage à on anéantissement de la surface vêtue; à une minimisation extrême de la pudeur. [Le Monde, 1947]

As a style of scanty briefs, from 1960. Variant trikini (1967), with separate bra cups held on by Velcro, falsely presumes a compound in bi-.


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  • Bikini cut

    a horizontal surgical incision in the lower abdomen, often used for a hysterectomy or a Cesarean delivery, so called because it leaves a less noticeable scar than does a vertical incision.

  • Bikini scar

    a horizontal scar on the lower abdomen in the area where a bikini would be worn, usually resulting from a Caesarean section.

  • Bikini wax

    the process of removing pubic hair from the exposed skin around the edges of a bikini by applying hot wax to the areas. noun Word Origin

  • Bikkie

    noun a variant spelling of bickie

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