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Bilinear transformation

Möbius transformation.


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  • Bilineate

    marked with two usually parallel lines.

  • Bilingual

    able to speak two languages with the facility of a native speaker. spoken, written, or containing similar information in two different languages: a bilingual dictionary; Public notices at the embassy are bilingual. of, involving, or using two languages: a bilingual community; bilingual schools. a bilingual person. Contemporary Examples Maid’s Tale Ignites France Tracy McNicoll July […]

  • Bilingual education

    schooling in which those not fluent in the standard or national language are taught in their own language.

  • Biliteral

    using or consisting of two letters. (of Semitic roots) having two consonants. Historical Examples Symbolic Logic Lewis Carroll Symbolic Logic Lewis Carroll Ciphers For the Little Folks Dorothy Crain Symbolic Logic Lewis Carroll The Mystery of the Sea Bram Stoker The Mystery of the Sea Bram Stoker The Mystery of the Sea Bram Stoker Symbolic […]

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