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to defraud; cheat:
He bilked the government of almost a million dollars.
to evade payment of (a debt).
to frustrate:
a career bilked by poor health.
to escape from; elude:
to bilk one’s pursuers.
a cheat; swindler.
a trick; fraud; deceit.
Contemporary Examples

The Week’s Best Longreads for December 21, 2013 David Sessions December 20, 2013
Fight for the L’Oreal Billions Eric Pape September 4, 2009

verb (transitive)
to balk; thwart
(often foll by of) to cheat or deceive, esp to avoid making payment to
to escape from; elude
(cribbage) to play a card that hinders (one’s opponent) from scoring in his or her crib
a swindle or cheat
a person who swindles or cheats


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