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a person who has assets worth a billion or more dollars, francs, pounds, or the like.
Contemporary Examples

Simon de Pury: Visiting 16 Studios of Los Angeles’s Top Artists Simon de Pury August 26, 2013
‘50 Shades of Grey’: Ryan Gosling, Shailene Woodley Turn Down Leads Anna Klassen September 3, 2013
Sleazy Billionaire’s Double Life Featured Beach Parties With Stephen Hawking M.L. Nestel January 7, 2015
Billionaires Are the Victims! Thomas Frank on the Republican Strategy Thomas Frank October 3, 2012
Ralph Nader Has Truly Lost It Michael Tomasky July 28, 2013

Historical Examples

Empire Clifford Donald Simak
The Golden Bowl Henry James
The Air Trust George Allan England
The Air Trust George Allan England
The Air Trust George Allan England

a person whose assets are worth over a billion of the monetary units of his country


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