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a great wave or surge of the sea.
any surging mass:
billows of smoke.
to rise or roll in or like billows; surge.
to swell out, puff up, etc., as by the action of wind:
flags billowing in the breeze.
to make rise, surge, swell, or the like:
A sudden wind billowed the tent alarmingly.
Contemporary Examples

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Historical Examples

Presentation Pieces in the Museum of History and Technology Margaret Brown Klapthor
The Vagrant Duke George Gibbs
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The Boy Scouts’ Mountain Camp John Henry Goldfrap
On the Trail of the Space Pirates Carey Rockwell

a large sea wave
a swelling or surging mass, as of smoke or sound
a large atmospheric wave, usually in the lee of a hill
(pl) (poetic) the sea itself
to rise up, swell out, or cause to rise up or swell out


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