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a bimanous animal.


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  • Bimanual

    involving or requiring the use of both hands. Historical Examples Old-Time Makers of Medicine James J. Walsh adjective using or requiring both hands

  • Bimensal

    occurring once in two months; bimonthly. Historical Examples Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

  • Bimetal

    a material made by the bonding of two sheets or strips of different metals, each metal having a different coefficient of thermal expansion. bimetallic.

  • Bimetallic

    Metallurgy. made or consisting of two metals. of or relating to a bimetal. pertaining to bimetallism. Engraving. (of an offset plate) consisting of a face layer of chromium, stainless steel, or chemically prepared aluminum over a layer of copper. Historical Examples The History of Currency, 1252 to 1896 William Arthur Shaw The Arena Various The […]

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