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a period of two thousand years.
a two thousandth anniversary.


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  • Bimillennial

    of or relating to a bimillennium. bimillennium. a period of two thousand years. a two thousandth anniversary. adjective marking a two-thousandth anniversary noun (pl) -naries a two-thousandth anniversary

  • Bimini islands

    a group of small islands in the W Bahamas: resort center; supposed site of the Fountain of Youth for which Ponce de León searched. 9 sq. mi. (23 sq. km).

  • Bimodal

    having or providing two modes, methods, systems, etc. Statistics. (of a distribution) having or occurring with two modes. Compare unimodal. Transportation. pertaining to or suitable for transportation involving the use of two forms of carrier, as truck and rail. Historical Examples The Breeding Birds of Kansas Richard F. Johnston Mohave Pottery Alfred L. Kroeber A […]

  • Bimolecular

    having or involving two molecules. adjective (of a chemical complex, collision, etc) having or involving two molecules

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