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Hildegard von (Hildegard of Bingen”Sibyl of the Rhine”) 1098–1178, German nun, healer, writer, and composer.
a town in W Germany, on the Rhine River: whirlpool; tourist center.
Historical Examples

Over the Plum Pudding John Kendrick Bangs
Down the Rhine Oliver Optic
An Autobiography Elizabeth Butler
Twenty Years in Europe Samuel H. M. Byers
Saunterings Charles Dudley Warner
Over the Plum Pudding John Kendrick Bangs
The Mediaeval Mind (Volume I of II) Henry Osborn Taylor
The Travelling Companions F. Anstey
Before and after Waterloo Edward Stanley
Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume V (of X) Various

a town in W Germany on the Rhine: wine trade and tourist centre. Pop: 24 716 (2003 est)


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