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a box or enclosed place for storing grain, coal, or the like.
to store in a bin.
Contemporary Examples

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Undercover Muslim Agents: Mission Accomplished Michael Daly October 18, 2012
The Weird Underground World of Urban Animal Husbandry Dale Eisinger May 18, 2014
Murdoch’s Nemesis Mike Giglio July 18, 2011

Historical Examples

Russian Fairy Tales W. R. S. Ralston
Britain in the Middle Ages Florence L. Bowman
Farm Mechanics Herbert A. Shearer
The Library of Work and Play: Housekeeping Elizabeth Hale Gilman
The Story of Sugar Sara Ware Bassett
A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines Andrew Ure

plural noun
(Northern English, dialect) a pair of glasses
a large container or enclosed space for storing something in bulk, such as coal, grain, or wool
Also called bread bin. a small container for bread
Also called dustbin, rubbish bin. a container for litter, rubbish, etc

a storage place for bottled wine
one particular bottling of wine

verb bins, binning, binned
(transitive) to store in a bin
(transitive) to put in a wastepaper bin


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