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biological accumulation.
The accumulation of a substance, such as a toxic chemical, in various tissues of a living organism. Bioaccumulation takes place within an organism when the rate of intake of a substance is greater than the rate of excretion or metabolic transformation of that substance. Compare biomagnification.


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  • Bioacoustics

    the science of sounds produced by or affecting living organisms, as for communication or echolocation.

  • Bioactivity

    any effect on, interaction with, or response from living tissue.

  • Bioassay

    determination of the biological activity or potency of a substance, as a vitamin or hormone, by testing its effect on the growth of an organism. to subject to a bioassay. noun (ˌbaɪəʊəˈseɪ; -ˈæseɪ) a method of determining the concentration, activity, or effect of a change to substance by testing its effect on a living organism […]

  • Bioastronautics

    the science dealing with the effects of space travel on life. noun (functioning as sing) the study of the effects of space flight on living organisms See space medicine

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