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the capability of coexistence with living tissues or organisms without causing harm:
Artificial joint adhesives must have biocompatibility with bone and muscle.


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  • Biocontainment

    the confinement, as by sealed-off chambers, of materials that are harmful or potentially harmful to life. Contemporary Examples Aporkalypse Now: Pig-Killing Virus Could Mean the End of Bacon Carrie Arnold August 19, 2014

  • Biocontrol

    biological control. biocontrol (bī’ō-kən-trōl’) See biological control.

  • Bioconversion

    the conversion of biomass to usable energy, as by burning solid fuel for heat, by fermenting plant matter to produce liquid fuel, as ethanol, or by the bacterial decomposition of organic waste to produce methane. noun the use of biological processes or materials to change organic substances into a new form, such as the conversion […]

  • Biocorrosion

    corrosion caused by or enhanced by bacteria or other microorganisms; biologically induced corrosion.

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