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the study of the interrelations among living organisms in their natural environment; ecology.
another word for ecology (sense 1)
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  • Bioelectricity

    of or relating to electric phenomena occurring in living organisms. noun electricity generated by a living organism

  • Bioengineer

    Also called biomedical engineering. the application of engineering principles and techniques to problems in medicine and biology, as the design and production of artificial limbs and organs. the branch of engineering that deals with applications of biological processes to the manufacture of products, as the use of fermentation to produce beer. noun the design and […]

  • Bioethanol

    noun a biofuel based on alcohol which may be combined with petrol for use in vehicles bioethanol (bī’ō-ěth’ə-nôl’) See under biofuel.

  • Bioequivalent

    the condition in which different formulations of the same drug or chemical are equally absorbed when taken into the body.

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