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Biologic assay

biologic assay


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  • Biological children

    any child conceived rather than adopted by a specified parent, and therefore carrying genes from the parent. Contemporary Examples Angelina Jolie: I’m Not Adopting Again Howard Kurtz February 10, 2011 Helping Children After Foster Care: Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s How I Write Interview Noah Charney August 14, 2012 The Tea Party’s New Queen Shushannah Walshe October 16, […]

  • Biological half life

    Physics. the time required for one half the atoms of a given amount of a radioactive substance to disintegrate. Also called biological half-life. Pharmacology. the time required for the activity of a substance taken into the body to lose one half its initial effectiveness. Informal. a brief period during which something flourishes before dying out. […]

  • Biological marker

    noun a substance, physiological characteristic, gene, etc that indicates, or may indicate, the presence of disease, a physiological abnormality or a psychological condition Also called biomarker

  • Biological mother

    a parent who has conceived (biological mother) or sired (biological father) rather than adopted a child and whose genes are therefore transmitted to the child. Contemporary Examples Brooklyn’s Real-Life Norman Bates Accused of Cross-Dressing Fraud Michael Daly April 28, 2012 How One Young Woman Escaped Childhood Abuse and a Forced Marriage Moral Courage October 7, […]

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