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pertaining to biology.
of or relating to the products and operations of applied biology:
a biological test.
Pharmacology. any substance, as a serum or vaccine, derived from animal products or other biological sources and used to treat or prevent disease.
Contemporary Examples

Obama Warns Assad: Chemical Weapons Are ‘a Red Line for Us’ Mike Giglio August 20, 2012
The Schools That Starve Students to Punish Deadbeat Parents Brandy Zadrozny January 29, 2014
‘I Hope It Was Rigged’ Telmah Parsa June 15, 2009
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Historical Examples

Some Turns of Thought in Modern Philosophy George Santayana
The Civilization of Illiteracy Mihai Nadin
Fathers of Biology Charles McRae
The Civilization of Illiteracy Mihai Nadin
Psychoanalysis Andr Tridon

of or relating to biology
(of a detergent) containing enzymes said to be capable of removing stains of organic origin from items to be washed
(usually pl) a drug, such as a vaccine, that is derived from a living organism



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