a method or operation of preparing a biological material, especially a product of genetic engineering, for commercial use.
to treat or prepare through bioprocess.
noting, pertaining to, or involving a bioprocess:
bioprocess technology.

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  • Biopsychic

    of, relating to, or comprising psychological and biological phenomena.

  • Biopsychology

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    Biotechnology. a fermentation vat for the production of living organisms, as bacteria or yeast, used in industrial processes such as waste recycling or in the manufacture of drugs or other products. bioreactor (bī’ō-rē-āk’tər) An apparatus, such as a large fermentation chamber, for growing organisms such as bacteria or yeast under controlled conditions. Bioreactors are used […]

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    the belief that human activity, including environmental and social policies, should be based on ecological or geographical boundaries rather than economic or political boundaries.

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