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examination of a body to discover whether or not it is alive.
noun (pl) -pies
examination of a body to determine whether it is alive


Read Also:

  • Biosensor

    a device that senses and transmits information about a biological process, as blood pressure, of an individual under observation.

  • -biosis

    a combining form meaning “mode of life,” used in the formation of compound words: aerobiosis; parabiosis. combining form indicating a specified mode of life: symbiosis

  • Biosocial

    of, relating to, or entailing the interaction or combination of social and biological factors. Sociology. of, relating to, or characteristic of the theories of or phenomena studied in biosociology. of or relating to social phenomena that are affected by biological factors.

  • Biosociology

    the study of the evolution of social forms and the development of social behavior in terms analogous to or correlated with biological studies. noun Word Origin

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