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the formation of chemical compounds by a living organism.
the laboratory preparation of biological molecules by the use of reagents or catalysts derived from natural substances and modeled on a series of reactions occurring in a living organism.
the formation of complex compounds from simple substances by living organisms
bi’o·syn·thet’ic (-thět’ĭk) adj.


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  • Biosynthetic

    of, relating to, or characterized by biosynthesis, the formation of chemical compounds by a living organism, or a laboratory process modeled after these reactions in living organisms. of or relating to a substance produced by a biosynthetic process.

  • Biosystem


  • Biosystematics

    noun (functioning as sing) the study of the variation and evolution of a population of organisms in relation to their taxonomic classification

  • Biot-savart-law

    the law that the magnetic induction near a long, straight conductor, as wire, varies inversely as the distance from the conductor and directly as the intensity of the current in the conductor.

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