the series of chemical changes occurring in a compound, especially a drug, as a result of enzymatic or other activity by a living organism.

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  • Biotron

    a controlled laboratory environment designed to provide uniform experimental conditions with the aim of producing uniform organisms for use in experiments.

  • Biotroph

    noun a parasitic organism, esp a fungus

  • Bioturbation

    the alteration and disturbance of a site by living organisms; the turning and mixing of sediments by organisms, as rodents. bioturbation (bī’ō-tər-bā’shən) The stirring or mixing of sediment or soil by organisms, especially by burrowing, boring, or ingestion.

  • Biotype

    a group of organisms having the same genotype. a distinguishing feature of the genotype. noun a group of genetically identical plants within a species, produced by apomixis Also called microspecies bi’o·typ’ic (-tĭp’ĭk) adj. biotype (bī’ə-tīp’) A group of organisms having the same or nearly the same genotype, such as a particular strain of an insect […]

  • Biovar

    a group of microorganisms, usually bacteria, that have identical genetic but different biochemical or physiological characters.

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