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consisting of, representing, or combining members of two separate racial groups:
a biracial committee on neighborhood problems.
having a biological mother from one racial group and a biological father from another:
She’s proudly biracial.
Contemporary Examples

The Mayors Who Can Revive America Tina Brown September 19, 2010
Behind Obama’s Tribute to the Aurora Victims’ Courage, Goodness Michael Daly July 23, 2012
At Balmain, French Fashion’s Race Breakthrough Robin Givhan April 27, 2011
Hoodies, Trayvon Martin, and America’s Racial Fears Robin Givhan March 28, 2012
Midwinter Madness in New York 2011 Lizzie Crocker February 22, 2011
Are Key and Peele Biracial Geniuses or Are They Just Really Funny? Sujay Kumar December 1, 2013
Obama Should Talk About Being Biracial David Kaufman January 19, 2013
Why Obama Isn’t America’s First Black President Patricia J. Williams November 7, 2008
When America Said “No” to the War on Segregation Jamelle Bouie February 3, 2014

Historical Examples

Integration of the Armed Forces, 1940-1965 Morris J. MacGregor, Jr.

for, representing, or including members of two races, esp White and Black


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