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a person who brings bad news.


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  • Bird-of-passage

    a bird that migrates seasonally. a transient or migratory person. noun a bird that migrates seasonally a transient person or one who roams about A transient, one who is here today and gone tomorrow. For example, Mary moves nearly every year; she’s a true bird of passage. This phrase transfers the literal meaning of a […]

  • Bird-of-peace

    a dove. noun a figurative name for dove1 (sense 1)

  • Bird-of-prey

    any of numerous predacious, flesh-eating birds, as the eagles, hawks, kites, vultures, falcons, and owls, having a sharp, downwardly curved beak, talons, and, usually, soaring flight. Historical Examples The Expositor’s Bible George Adam Smith The Expositor’s Bible George Adam Smith noun a bird, such as a hawk, eagle, or owl, that hunts and kills other […]

  • Parker

    Charles Christopher, Jr (“Bird”) 1920–55, U.S. jazz saxophonist and composer. Dorothy (Rothschild) 1893–1967, U.S. author. Sir Gilbert, 1862–1932, Canadian novelist and politician in England. Horatio William, 1863–1919, U.S. composer, organist, and teacher. John, 1729–75, American Revolutionary patriot. Matthew, 1504–75, English theologian. Quanah, Quanah. Theodore, 1810–60, U.S. preacher, theologian, and reformer. a male given name. Contemporary […]

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