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an ornithologist.
a bird watcher.
a person who keeps or tends birds.
a person who hunts birds for food or sport; fowler.
Informal. aviator.
Contemporary Examples

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Brad Pitt and Louis C.K. Go ‘Between Two Ferns’ Alex Chancey, The Daily Beast Video October 22, 2014
Exclusive: Watch a Clip From ‘Birdman,’ Featuring an Award-Worthy Turn by Michael Keaton Marlow Stern September 30, 2014
Tales of a Jailhouse Gourmet: How I learned to Cook in Prison Daniel Genis June 20, 2014
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Historical Examples

The Mastery of the Air William J. Claxton
Tom Swift and his Photo Telephone Victor Appleton
The Emma Gees Herbert Wes McBride
Air Service Boys Over The Enemy’s Lines Charles Amory Beach
Bib Ballads Ring W. Lardner

noun (pl) -men
a man concerned with birds, such as a fowler or ornithologist
a man who attempts to fly using his own muscle power
an obsolete informal name for airman


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