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an emotional shock caused by being born.


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  • Birth–weight

    the weight of an infant at birth.

  • Birthweight

    the weight of an infant at birth. Contemporary Examples How Mom’s Hip Size Predicts Her Daughter’s Risk Kent L. Thornburg, PhD October 23, 2009

  • Birthwort

    any of various plants of the genus Aristolochia, especially A. clematitis, an Old World species reputed to facilitate childbirth. Compare birthwort family. any of various other plants believed to aid childbirth. birthroot. Historical Examples The Works of Aristotle the Famous Philosopher Anonymous noun any of several climbing plants of the genus Aristolochia, esp A. clematitis […]

  • Birthwort-family

    the plant family Aristolochiaceae, typified by mostly tropical woody vines and herbaceous plants, having alternate, heart-shaped leaves and flowers lacking true petals but having three petallike sepals, and including the birthwort, Dutchman’s-pipe, and wild ginger.

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