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the anniversary of a birth.
the day of a person’s birth.
a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something.
the festivities or celebration marking such a day or anniversary.
Contemporary Examples

The Raising of the Concordia Barbie Latza Nadeau September 16, 2013
A King in Waiting The Daily Beast November 13, 2008
The Nurse Coaching People Through Death by Starvation Nick Tabor November 16, 2014
Knox Defense Has Its Day Barbie Latza Nadeau July 6, 2009
Gorbachev Lashes Out at Putin Anna Nemtsova August 21, 2011

Historical Examples

The Wings of Icarus Laurence Alma Tadema
Explorations in Australia John Forrest
Bright Ideas for Entertaining Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott
Viviette William J. Locke
The Leader of the Lower School Angela Brazil


an anniversary of the day of one’s birth
(as modifier): birthday present

the day on which a person was born
any anniversary


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