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Otto von
[ot-oh von;; German aw-toh fuh n] /ˈɒt oʊ vɒn;; German ˈɔ toʊ fən/ (Show IPA), 1815–98, German statesman: first chancellor of modern German Empire 1871–90.
a city in and the capital of North Dakota, in the central part.
(often lowercase)

Chiefly Northern U.S. a jelly doughnut.
Chiefly Midland U.S. a fried cruller.

a state in the N central United States. 70,665 sq. mi. (183,020 sq. km).
Capital: Bismarck.
Abbreviation: ND (for use with zip code), N. Dak.
Contemporary Examples

Bristol Gets Political Mike Rhodes September 30, 2010
Mona Lisa of the Coffee Shop Blake Gopnik February 4, 2013
Elmore Leonard’s Rocky Road to Fame and Fortune Mike Lupica September 12, 2014

Historical Examples

Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire James Wycliffe Headlam
Lorraine Robert W. Chambers
Music-Study in Germany Amy Fay
New York Times Current History; The European War, Vol 2, No. 4, July, 1915 Various
The Education of Henry Adams Henry Adams
The Octopus Frank Norris
ZigZag Journeys in Northern Lands; Hezekiah Butterworth

a city in North Dakota, on the Missouri River: the state capital. Pop: 56 344 (2003 est)
Prince Otto (Eduard Leopold) von (ˈɔto fɔn), called the Iron Chancellor. 1815–98, German statesman; prime minister of Prussia (1862–90). Under his leadership Prussia defeated Austria and France, and Germany was united. In 1871 he became the first chancellor of the German Reich
a state of the western US: mostly undulating prairies and plains, rising from the Red River valley in the east to the Missouri plateau in the west, with the infertile Bad Lands in the extreme west. Capital: Bismarck. Pop: 633 837 (2003 est). Area: 183 019 sq km (70 664 sq miles) Abbreviation N. Dak., N.D., (with zip code) ND


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