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bit plane


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  • Bit-player

    an actor having a very small speaking part in a play, motion picture, etc. Contemporary Examples Can Government Call the Shots on Cellphone Privacy? Aziz Huq April 29, 2014 Historical Examples The Ego Machine Henry Kuttner

  • Bit-rate

    noun (computing) the rate of flow of binary digits in a digital data-processing system, usually expressed as the number of bits per second communications, digital signal processing (Or “bitrate”) A data rate expressed in bits per second. This is a similar to baud but the latter is more applicable to channels with more than two […]

  • Bit-rot

    bit rot jargon A hypothetical disease the existence of which has been deduced from the observation that unused programs or features will often stop working after sufficient time has passed, even if “nothing has changed”. The theory explains that bits decay as if they were radioactive. As time passes, the contents of a file or […]

  • Bit-slice

    adjective (computing) (of central processing units) able to be built up in sections to form complete central processing units with various word lengths architecture A technique for constructing a processor from modules, each of which processes one bit-field or “slice” of an operand. Bit slice processors usually consist of an ALU of 1, 2, 4 […]

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