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a female dog:
The bitch won first place in the sporting dogs category.
a female of canines generally.

a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.
a lewd woman.
Disparaging and Offensive. any woman.

Slang. a person who is submissive or subservient to someone, usually in a humiliating way:
Tom is so her bitch—he never questions what she decides.

a man who willingly or unwillingly submits to the will and control of a dominant partner in a sexual relationship, especially with another man, as in prison bitch:
Watch out, or your cellmate will make you his prison bitch.
a gay man who assumes the passive or female role in a sexual relationship.


a complaint.
See also bitch session.
anything difficult or unpleasant:
That test was a real bitch.
anything memorable, especially something exceptionally good:
You threw one bitch of a party last night.

Slang. to complain; gripe:
They bitched about the service, then about the bill.
Slang. to spoil; bungle (sometimes followed by up):
He bitched the job completely. You really bitched up this math problem.
sit / ride bitch, to sit uncomfortably between two others in the middle of the front or back seat of a car, particularly one with a raised section in the middle resulting in being forced to bring one’s knees up in a bent position:
When I was young, I was the smallest, so I was always stuck sitting bitch. Please don’t make me ride bitch again!
marvelous; wonderful.
a female dog or other female canine animal, such as a wolf
(offensive, slang) a malicious, spiteful, or coarse woman
(slang) a complaint
(slang) a difficult situation or problem
(slang) a person who acts as a subordinate or slave to another person
verb (informal)
(intransitive) to complain; grumble
to behave (towards) in a spiteful or malicious manner
(transitive) often foll by up. to botch; bungle

BITCH. A she dog, or doggess; the most offensive appellation that can be given to an English woman, even more provoking than that of whore. [“Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue,” 1811]

Bitch goddess coined 1906 by William James; the original one was success.

A woman one dislikes or disapproves of, esp a malicious, devious, or heartless woman •The equivalent of the masculine bastard as a general term of opprobrium: a cold-hearted bitch (1400+)
A girl: Some boys commonly use the word ”bitch” as a synonym for ”girl” (1990s+ Black teenagers)
A waspish or insolent male homosexual (1930s+ Homosexuals)
The queen of any suit in playing cards (1900+)
: What’s your bitch today? (1910+)
Anything arduous or very disagreeable: That wind’s a bitch (1814+)
(also biatch, beotch) A person who performs tasks for another and is usually treated in a degrading manner: I’d like you to be my bitch today
Buddy; cohort

(also bitch and moan) To complain; gripe; beef, bellyache: College students always bitch about the food (1930+)
To cheat; chisel: You never tried to bitch me out of anything (1920s+)
(also bitch up) To ruin; mess up (1820s+)


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