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a person or animal that bites, especially habitually or viciously:
That dog is a biter.
Chiefly Chesapeake Bay. the larger claw of a crab.
Obsolete. a cheat; swindler; fraud.
Historical Examples

Penrod Booth Tarkington
Dew Drops, Vol. 37, No. 34, August 23, 1914 Various
Stories and Ballads of the Far Past Nora Kershaw
Maurice Tiernay Soldier of Fortune Charles James Lever
Their Majesties’ Servants (Volume 3 of 3) John Doran
Wit and Wisdom of Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Stories and Ballads of the Far Past Nora Kershaw
Natural History Anonymous
The Cup of Trembling and Other Stories Mary Hallock Foote
The Log School-House on the Columbia Hezekiah Butterworth

Someone who copies another
A thief: biters made off with his pencils
Teeth •Used in the plural


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