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the conclusion of a difficult or unpleasant situation; the last or furthest extremity:
Despite the unpleasant scenes in the movie, she insisted on staying until the bitter end.

the inboard end of an anchor chain or cable, secured in the chain locker of a vessel.
the end of any chain or cable.

Historical Examples

Pieces of Hate Heywood Broun

(nautical) the end of a line, chain, or cable, esp the end secured in the chain locker of a vessel

to the bitter end, until the finish of a task, job, or undertaking, however unpleasant or difficult
until final defeat or death


Bitter end of the Cable, the End which is wound about the Bitts. [“The News-Readers Pocket-Book: Or, a Military Dictionary,” London, 1759]

See bit (n.1). So, when a cable is played out to the bitter end, there is no more left to play. The term began to be used c.1835 in non-nautical use and with probable influence of bitter (adj.).
The last extremity; also, death or ruin. For example, I’m supporting the union’s demands to the bitter end, or Even though they fight a lot, I’m sure Mom and Dad will stay together to the bitter end. The source of this term may have been nautical, a bitter being a turn of a cable around posts, or bitts, on a ship’s deck, and the bitter end meaning “the part of the cable that stays inboard.” Thus, when a rope is paid out to the bitter end, no more remains. [ Mid-1800s ]


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