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any of various plants containing a bitter principle, as those of the genus Picris.
a sneezeweed, Helenium amarum.
any of various plants that contain a bitter-tasting substance


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  • Bitterwood

    any of various chiefly tropical trees having wood with a bitter taste, as Vatairea lundelii or Simarouba glauca. quassia. Historical Examples Solaris Farm Milan C. Edson noun any of several simaroubaceous trees of the genus Picrasma of S and SE Asia and the Caribbean, whose bitter bark and wood are used in medicine as a […]

  • Bitterwort

    yellow gentian.

  • Bitterbark

    noun an Australian tree, Alstonia constricta, with bitter-tasting bark that is used in preparing tonic medicines

  • Bittercress

    noun one of several perennial or annual plants of the genus Cardamine, that are related to lady’s-smock, including hairy bittercress (C. hirsuta), a common weed resembling shepherd’s purse, with which it is often confused: family: Brassicaceae (crucifers)

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