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the illicit buying and selling of goods in violation of legal price controls, rationing, etc.
a place where such activity is carried on.
to black-marketeer.
to sell (something) in the black market.
Contemporary Examples

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Sanctions Are Causing Inflation in Iran and Harming Its Economy Alex Klein October 22, 2012
Clinton Unites African Leaders in Her Crusade Against Poaching Nina Strochlic September 25, 2013
Judging ‘JihadJane’ Richard Miniter March 16, 2010
Inside China’s Underground Black Market Banks Brendon Hong February 25, 2014


any system in which goods or currencies are sold and bought illegally, esp in violation of controls or rationing
(as modifier): black market lamb

the place where such a system operates
to sell (goods) on the black market


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    to sell articles in the black market.

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