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See under mustard (def 2).
a pungent powder or paste prepared from the seed of the mustard plant, used as a food seasoning or condiment, and medicinally in plasters, poultices, etc.
any of various acrid or pungent plants, especially of the genus Brassica, as B. juncea (leaf mustard) the leaves of which are used for food and B. nigra (black mustard) the chief source of commercial mustard, and Sinapis alba (white mustard)
Compare mustard family.
nitrogen mustard.
cut the mustard, Slang. to reach or surpass the desired standard of performance:
a pitcher who cuts the mustard with his fastball.
a Eurasian plant, Brassica (or Sinapsis) nigra, with clusters of yellow flowers and pungent seeds from which the condiment mustard is made: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
any of several Eurasian plants of the genus Brassica, esp black mustard and white mustard, having yellow or white flowers and slender pods and cultivated for their pungent seeds: family Brassicaceae (crucifers) See also charlock
a paste made from the powdered seeds of any of these plants and used as a condiment

a brownish-yellow colour
(as adjective): a mustard carpet

(slang, mainly US) zest or enthusiasm
(slang) cut the mustard, to come up to expectations

I’m not headlined in the bills, but I’m the mustard in the salad dressing just the same. [O.Henry, “Cabbages and Kings,” 1904]

see: cut the mustard


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